Dear Beloved Church Member,

It is with great joy that I want to convey to each of you, my utmost appreciation for your support this past Sunday at our Spectrum Health chapel meeting. It was short notice and with many challenges.  Nonetheless, we accomplished as a group the following issues.

1. We demonstrated that when we put our heart to it, efforts are easily accomplished.

2. We demonstrated to Spectrum officials, that our church is serious and committed in embracing a joint working educational health effort not only for us but as well as for our community. 

3. It is an outstanding opportunity to initiate joint efforts in merging with our Spanish speaking members. They are as interested and committed in making this happen!  Food and music are just a few elements we can share. Now we can also meet at the crossroads of health concerns for all! 

4. It opens a myriad of opportunities to enhance our community service through the developing of the following programs.

                              a. Health Walks in our church

                              b. Zumba classes for younger generations

                              c. Health educational classes

                                   (Diabetes, Parkinson and much more). 

                              d. Biometrics life line testing

                                   (Done in our church's facilities) 

   These programs take time and much planning in order to initially comply with Spectrum parameters.  Nonetheless, they can be open to the general public. We already have a Zumba instructor and our very Own Brian Place is working with researching the legalities of having people in our premises exercising or so. 

5. We should not concern ourselves in short range efforts at the present time, but in long range accomplishments. These things take time and are conducted one step at a time. 

    We need to overcome this micro-wave / immediate results perception. Planning is the backbone of it all, and our Governance Board will receive one ASAP.  Due to our great initial effort, we are ready to take the following steps! Getting people in church demands setting things up in order to develop an environment and programming that resonates with what people are looking for! Being stagnant or complacent, believing we arrived to our utmost peak of accomplishment, is a dangerous and fossilizing attitude to embrace. 

Finally, it is with great pleasure and amazement, that I already received a call this afternoon, from the Director of Spectrum Health in order to meet and study ways to make our sole interest happen sooner (MEETING THIS COMING FRIDAY - MY DAY OFF). I am not in a hurry, because these things, like I said before, require time so we can mature into such vision among other elements.

DON'T PANIC OR BE OVERWHELMED!  THE SOLUTION:  Just follow the Pastor!!!!!! I know what I am doing! 

Pastor David